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About Us

Dreaming is easy in our beginning years. Through the eyes of a child, everything is bright. Everyday objects fascinate. Everything is wonder. The world is full of aeroplanes and gods, angels and animals, dragons and heroes.

 And then we grow up, we grow old, and perhaps even a little cold.

 Though I can’t turn back time, the Adrian Furstenburg atelier seeks to rekindle joyous fascination. I invite my clients to reach into their heart-shaped box and remember, to reminisce, to fantasise and have fun in the co-creation of something truly marvellous.

 To me, design is a form of artistic play. A craft that recaptures the object of your dreams. Through my designs, I cut, construct and stitch memory, emotion and meaning into a soul object that you can see and touch. Precious moments and love that you carry in your heart are now also held in your hands. The leather-bound poetry book of your life.

 I use technology as a tool to dream even bigger, to make dreams real in service of your heart’s desire. With hyper-realistic digital rendering and AR we can leap over the imagination barrier. I use it to bring my art to life in ways that surprise and thrill. Technology allows me to experiment and I partner with other dreamers to explore new possibilities. I love asking ‘what if…?’ and discovering we can.

Our pledge to sustainability

We believe in making beautiful, bespoke products with the client and the planet in mind. Our use of sustainably sourced leathers will retain the quality and joy for years to come.

Because we sell before we produce, whatever we sell is built to last and as a consequence, we will have contributed to building a world with more choices, but lesser waste. .

We have also teamed up with Climate Impact X where each and every purchase will compensate a tonne of carbon through our carbon credit programme.

We believe this world is a better one - for consumers, companies, and the planet we call home


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