Subtlety is not the first choice in the land of Ferrari & Donatella Versace.

I met Susan Marie Barton at a South African entrepreneurial investment conference in 2016. She’s based in Milan, travels throughout Europe, the United States and Africa, and has a killer wardrobe. We kept in touch over the past few years, discussing business, beaus and, of course, bags.

I was delighted when Susan ordered a bag from me down south when she had the Quadrilatero d’Oro (literally the Golden Quadrilateral), one of Europe’s most prestigious luxury shopping precincts, on her doorstep. The design process was as thrilling as her bold personality, epitomized by her choice of a red leather hue that dances between scarlet and rosso corsa. I was so impressed with her fiery taste and became excited about the possibilities to create something that spoke of a brazen kind of glamour.

We selected one of our capacious, vaulted base shapes and upped the ante with colour, texture and embellishment. All the hardware elements were plated in 22-karat gold and we foiled her initials onto the leather in the right  base corner. The interior is lined with the Adrian Furstenburg signature lining and comprises custom pockets for her mobile phone, designer sunglasses and other smaller necessities, like a tube of gorgeous red lipstick.

Recently, it gave me great joy to see how fierce shades of red have garnered public attention to become a rallying point in different conversations about women’s empowerment. Fashion has followed suit and expanded the strength aesthetic with power-dressing that includes jutted, structured jackets, pants exactly tailored and iconic statement bags.

A handbag might carry some of your most precious possessions, as well as a powerful message about who you are and where you’re going. For us, there’s unrivalled pleasure in creating a piece that makes both a personal and a greater public statement. Share our joy with this limited-edition production based on Susan’s original. All units are constructed with top-handle, rectangle flap, detachable cross-strap and 22-karat gold-plated hardware. Choose to have your initials monogrammed and #MakeItPersonal.


Pre-order online at
R6 700.00 (inclusive of shipping within SA borders).
A 2-3 week waiting period should be expected for delivery in SA. Please allow 4 weeks for international delivery (exclusive of international shipping charges).

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