About the designer.

Taking a designer handbag to its truest form – Adrian Furstenburg takes pride in offering clientele the bespoke experience in a luxury leather handbag. As Adrian puts it:


Anyone who uses a bag often will tell you it’s so much more than an accessory. It’s an integral part of your day and the protector of some of our most treasured items – smartphones, computers and tablets, wallets, passports, money, cosmetics and perfumes. A journey doesn’t have to include a flight around the world. Going from home to the office is also a journey – and my work is designed to be a stylish and functional way to travel conveniently.

Adrian Furstenburg

Furstenburg returned triumphant to South Africa as winner in the All About the Logo by Guess category of the 10th annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards in 2016 in New York City. Winning this prestigious award has opened many doors for the young designer, and – not one to rest on his laurels – he is grabbing every opportunity with arms wide open.

Each finely crafted bag, is about making an impact. The Johannesburg based operation employs local artisans, making use of the highest quality locally sourced leathers and Italian hardware to craft his covetable creations. And just as the creation of the bags has a positive impact on his entire supply chain, a truly premium bag will make an impact on the person who uses it.

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